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Dear parents,

As usual, during this period of the year, Englishkinder is open to the re-enrollment / enrollment session for the school year 2017-2018, as following:

  • Re-enrollment session from April 3 to April 14, 2017.

  • Enrollment session from May 2nd to May 15th, 2017.

  • The vacant places left after the re-enrollment session will be occupied depending on the next requirements during the enrollment session.

You are welcome to attend,

Englishkinder team

“Englishkinder” since 1983 – A Brand

The oldest English teaching kindergarten in Bucharest has proved the test of time for an outstanding educational alternative to the Romanian preschool syllabus and has won its recognition throughout generations of students who devoted “Englishkinder” to a brand.

“Englishkinder” has been certified with the accreditation of The Romanian Ministry of Education not only for an outstanding educational activity and qualified teachers, but also for the variety of teaching materials as well as for the historical building whose value has increased with its educational purpose.

Integrated Teaching Strategies
Our school has proved an outstanding success in multicultural education and teaching strategies by immersion in English; most students who have attended the school for more than one year are fluent in English and familiar with a complex curriculum that enables them to adjust to any English teaching elementary school.

Multicultural Environment and successful integration in elementary international school
“Englishkinder” has created a warm environment for foreign children stimulating them to convey their culture and traditions, to build a positive self-image and awareness of their identity; students of different nationalities are ready to accept and share the diversity in appearance and language;

Besides Romanian students, “Englishkinder” has successfully integrated and educated children of various nationalities such as, Americans, Asians, Estonians and Latvians, French, Russians, Serbs, Czechs, Swiss, Turks, Portuguese, Italians who have successfully graduated our preschool and enrolled in Romanian as well as in other international elementary schools.

“Englishkinder” is aimed to develop by quality
We aim to develop not by number of students but by the quality of teaching as well as by the various learning contracts and promotion, offered to the gifted children. Some people who have visited “Englishkinder” stated that this very kindergarten has more books than toys!

We focus on social learning, language and communication skills, math and science, arts, extracurricular activities such as summer theme camps at the sea-side, mountain trekking, environmental activities, ski school and many other cultural activities.

“Englishkinder is waiting for a challenge
We offer you the opportunity to meet a whole world of multicultural diversity, a world of the future where your child will develop freely beyond borders and grow to be a citizen of our planet.

Englishkinder promotes an original and complex curriculum, designed and constantly improved by the school board, based on the assimilation of general knowledge and on the the acquirement of the necessary abilities needed to integrate in both state and private primary educational

The Englishkinder topics approach views an extended informational domain related to all the cultural and social aspects of life in Romania, interwoven with outstanding customs and traditions of the English speaking countries and other ways, conferring a multicultural group and a pleasant environment for children of different nationalities.

The learning units are based on multidisciplinary instruction strategies. Each unit contains poems, songs, stories and educational activities (arts and crafts activities, worksheets, projects, videos, educational software, role play, physical exercise and extracurricular activities), related to the topic unit.

The intensive English speaking program contains fact files about the history of Britain, the American civilization and other cultures mixed with the customs and traditions advanced by the European colonists, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, as well as the international celebrations of Christmas, New Year and Easter.